Fire Maidens: Rome (Billionaires & Bodyguards Book 3)

Lena Castamolino cannot figure out what is causing her to become a terrifying beast at the full moon. Is it the fact she is now living in Rome, or could it be the father she has never known? She is being hunted by god knows who and is trying to fight the change whenever the moon is full in the sky. Sergio Monseratti is a wolf shifter and wants to go back to Rome, the place he belongs. He has a mission to take down a dangerous mafia boss, but that mission is thrown into chaos when he meets the beautiful shifter who pushes all his buttons — in more ways than one. Will passion overcome them and get them through the deadly situations they are going to face?
Throw some shifters into a dangerous situation and it is a party! This is exactly what Anna Lowe has done with this gem of a novel. The characters are dynamic and will have readers swiftly turning pages to find out their fate. The plot is action-packed and moves at the speed of light, sometimes at the expense of true depth but it keeps readers enthralled!  Fans of the genre will find no faults in this book. Searing hot love scenes, a sexy-as-sin wolf and a determined, strong female character make this book not to be missed. Readers will definitely want to check out this author's other titles. If they are anything like this one, there is definitely a great time to be had.
Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick