Fire on the Island (Vigilati #1)


Isla Macallen’s father left when she was little and her mother was an alcoholic, so she’s been pretty much taking care of herself since she was a child. Now that she’s grown she lives on the Isle of Arran in Scotland and she loves it. However, one day someone spots the brand on her neck causing the superstitious locals to speculate that she is a witch or the child of the devil. Isla has no explanation for the brand she’s had since she was eight, but she also has no idea how close to the truth the locals really are.


Dr. Jeremiah Rousseau has a Doctorate in Psychology, but his true focus is in parapsychology. Famous for proving or debunking paranormal behavior around the world he’s drawn to the myths of the Arran Witch and chooses the location of Arran when his publisher insists he take a vacation. Little does he know this will be a monumental life changing decision.


In this beautiful tapestry of a book, the Isle of Arran, or Little Scotland, is described in such rich detail that one sees, feels, smells and hears all that is written as if experiencing it firsthand. The history of the witches or Bruixi is incredibly intricate and yet not hard to follow. The plot grips one firmly, sweeps along at a good clip and doesn’t let go until the end! The characters are strong yet vulnerable and easily relatable. Even with a few very minor plot hiccups causing bumps in the road, this story did not fail to enthrall!


Carol Conley