INTO THE FIRE (Forbidden Love Book 3)


Leigh Harmond has lived a clandestine life, hiding her identity and existence from the world, until a stalker forces her to seek protection from Angel Knight, California Clan Vampire Leader. Her feeling of security is short-lived, however, when her stalker turns out to be Rebel, the vampire assigned to protect her. Rebel knew at first sight that Leigh was meant to be his mate, but convincing Leigh of that fact could prove detrimental to his health. Living without her is not possible; although, keeping her might cost him his life and the lives of his family.


This innovative story goes outside of the realm of typical cross-species paranormal romance, offering the reader an exhilarating, fictional ride that takes off running from the first page. However, the many editing issues disrupt the focus and cohesion of the story. There is also an overuse of profanity which readers with tender dispositions might find disturbing, but the major contention is the ‘to be continued’ at the end of the novel, which leaves one hanging.  


Despite these issues, the story has all the elements to keep one turning the pages with its entertainingly fresh and interesting take on the preternatural world. Filled with excitement, action, sizzling romance, edgy sex scenes, and humor, this captivating tale engages the reader’s emotions and attention as the pages are turned rapidly. With editing and a resolution to the innocuous ending, this story has the potential to be a fantastic paranormal romance!


Janna Shay