Fire and Blood (The Immortal Firewalkers, Book One)


Jeanette Darcy is a Firewalker and has spent hundreds of years trying to redeem her past mistakes, which caused the Fecund race to disappear.  Fecunds are the Firewalker’s mates and have special blood. They are needed in order to help her dwindling race survive. Much to her chagrin, at every turn she has had to deal with Alexander, a Revenant who wants her for his own and will do anything to make it happen.


Devin McIntyre’s parents were murdered and his twin sisters kidnapped during his 21st birthday celebration. He is recruited by the Society of Eternal Illumination and becomes one of the best vampire hunters in their elusive group. While hunting vampires he battles Jeannette, only to realize that fire won’t kill her. What IS she? It’s his job to kill her, but something is stopping him.  Why is he drawn to her? What he doesn’t know is that he is Fecund, and Jeannette needs him to save her dying race.


Ms. Denton has created a unique, interesting world of immortals. One must concentrate to keep it all straight:  three classes of vampires, a vampire hunting society, numerous bad guys and so on. The foreign language used isn’t always explained and having a  glossary at the beginning of the book would be a major asset. This story would have rated 4 stars if the ending wouldn’t hadn't ended RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A SCENE! Please Ms. Denton, don’t leave your readers hanging like that!  Your talent as a writer will keep readers coming back!  


Lynne Bryant