A Fine Line: The Ancients (Part II)


DARK FANTASY:  William Healthway and his family, affectionately nicknamed the “Crew”, have been living in relative quiet for the last several decades. When William’s grandson enlists in the war, fears for his safety cloud the minds of the Crew, allowing Aurora and the Damned to catch them unaware. Still devastated over the deaths from their last encounter with the Damned, the new losses strengthen the family's resolve to destroy Aurora for good. With the addition of new members as well as the revelation of an ancient amulet said to unlock the untapped powers of the Crew and the Damned alike, will this be just the leverage that William and his family needs to end this battle?


“A Fine Line: The Ancients (Part II)” is an imaginative story with an overarching theme that family is not necessarily blood. The Crew is fiercely loyal to each other and readers will absolutely adore their relationships. Although the character of William is substantive, the sheer number of side characters makes it difficult for one to become emotionally vested in them. One never feels that they know any of them, and they're almost interchangeable. Consequently, the character deaths don’t have much impact. As interesting as this story is, the reader will be hard pressed to overlook the editing issues. The powers unlocked by the amulet arise fast and furious, their descriptions unrealistic and seem thrown in haphazardly. Ms. Brennan has written an original saga with an exciting premise and with a more thorough edit, this novel would be a great pleasure to read.


Chantel Hardge