Finding the Perfect Mate


Vampire Perry pledges to remain abstinent until he finds a perfect mate. He does not expect to be tested, especially by another vampire, but Mandy is just...perfect. With a sexy British accent, a heavenly scent, and intelligence to match, she may just be his chance at love, if he can let go of his fantasy. Mandy may not have seen her father for 500 years, but she drops everything when he goes missing. When she learns Russian vampires have kidnapped him, she demands to be involved in his rescue by suggesting Perry and her infiltrate as lovers. The longer they pretend, the more she realizes he is just...perfect. However, with a secret that could mean her death, can she trust him, or does she keep quiet and lose him in the process?

A wild ride from start to finish, “Perfect Mate” is an action-packed adventure filled with humor and romance. In fact, so much happens it is difficult to believe the story only spans a few days. The conflicts are solved that easily. The danger seems negligible, with even Mandy’s ‘big secret’ causing minimal fuss.  The story reads more like suspense than paranormal, with an antagonist that feels convenient and clichéd. The paranormal genre may be saturated with vampires and, while Ms. McKitrick does not bring anything new to the table there, her writing and characters truly shine.  They feel realistic, with Ms. McKitrick clearly having a talent for engaging dialogue and building relationships, romantic and not. Overall, “Perfect Mate” is an entertaining read fans of paranormal suspense with a side of eroticism should not miss. 

Arec Rain