Fighting Mad


FANTASY:  Carla is a single mom to two girls. She and her good friends Marilee and Megan live in Fayetteville, your typical small town: except it isn’t. With the local bank being bought out, the oldest man in town dying, and a wedding disaster in the making for her first job, Carla is about to find out how not normal her town is. Shakespeare was a prophet and Fayetteville is ground zero in a tug of war between two of his most outrageous characters: Oberon and Titania.


Irish mythology and Shakespeare plays abound in this story. Carla is a wimp, no backbone at all with her friends or daughters, and though some of her journey will raise eyebrows, she comes into her own by the end. Being the only one unwilling to fight or choose sides gives her a vision of the town no one else has and she finds the strength to pull it off. There are previous stories, but nothing in this one clearly states why her two best friends have never told her the truth about everything beyond “We don’t want people to know about us” which just doesn’t work if they are as good a friends as they seem. She and Murphy doing a longing gaze dance over the course of years but suddenly they fall for each other with nothing to back either action up, also doesn’t sit well. There needs to be clear reasons for things happening or not happening. The town and characters as a whole are purely delightful, however, and one readers will enjoy visiting over and over.


Julie York