Jenna Lynn

LGBTQ/M/M: Hired by Noel Thibodeaux as tutor for his nephew Caleb, Malcolm Carmichael finds himself embroiled in the tragic history of the New Orleans family when he comes to work at their plantation, Fidele.  Young Caleb, recently orphaned when his parents are killed in a house fire, has stopped speaking. Malcolm and Noel are dealing with personal demons caused by tragedy, abuse, and horrors witnessed during World War II.  In spite of the times and the disgust of Noel’s hateful father, Malcolm finds it difficult to deny his instant and growing attraction to Noel as he also tries to ignore his ability to see ghosts haunting the plantation. However, the ghosts are determined to be seen and heard, so Malcolm and Noel come together to solve the Thibodeaux family curse and put a vengeful spirit to rest.

“Fidele” reads like a gothic romance on supernatural steroids! Ms. Brown’s novel brings to life a humid New Orleans locale filled with steamy love-at-first-sight passions, tragic heartbreaking losses, and characters so genuine they leap off the page! Readers will thoroughly enjoy the tale of two men living in post-war southern America trying to overcome traumatic circumstances, society’s restrictions, and paranormal happenings to find the love and acceptance they have always wanted. The world is so hauntingly described readers will feel goose bumps. Characters are so well written they feel like old friends. Love scenes are graphically sensual enough to fog eyeglasses. Jenna Lynn Brown manages to grab the reader’s attention as she sucks them into a family’s cursed past, a vengeful spirit’s wrath, and an unconventional love affair hot enough to make a reader blush!

Tonya Mathenia