Feeling Lucky


FANTASY:  When Megan O’Malley impulsively pinched the rear end of a cute (if somewhat short) musician at a wedding, she had no idea it would constitute “catching” a leprechaun and taking control of his “pot of gold” (or in this case, a five million dollar fortune)!  Fergus, the leprechaun, is none too pleased to have Megan in control of his money, and he is determined to trick her into giving it back to him.  When this much money is at stake, all manner of secrets come to light, and Megan will find out that the biggest stroke of luck may not have anything to do with money after all.

"Feeling Lucky" is a light-hearted, contemporary fantasy with just a touch of romance.  Megan is a sensible young woman who knows better than to blow all her new-found fortune on a shopping spree, which makes her extremely likable.  Fergus, on the other hand, comes off as incredibly childish – swinging from pouting and tantrums to outrageous flirting in an attempt to get what he wants.  The biggest drawback is the author goes into such great detail over Megan’s business deals that readers may need a finance degree to keep up, while the more interesting storyline concerning the enigmatic fairies and leprechauns could have used more fleshing out.  Once the romance between Megan and Fergus kicks into high gear, the story becomes much more satisfying, and readers will walk away “feeling lucky” to have read this magical tale!


Leslie Stokes