Fated Souls


Tabloid journalist Maggie O'Connell is investigating a story about numerous sightings of a werewolf in a northern Minnesota forest. Being stuck in Trapper's Cove with its small-town gossip is certainly not her first choice of jobs, but after a beautiful grey wolf saves her life she is attracted to both the man and the beast. Who could deny those emerald eyes? Aidan Gael is a recluse but after a brief encounter with Maggie, she is close to discovering his secret and he can't help but be drawn to her. Fear runs rampant when hunters begin to stalk the woods in search of the mysterious wolf. Maggie is afraid to lose Aidan after she discovers she has already lost her heart to him.


Aidan is very guarded and small glimpses of his personality make the reader curious to know more of him as a man and as a wolf. Maggie invests more of her heart than she realizes and falls for him quite quickly. This makes her down to earth and easy to like. There is an early, silent attraction between them that gives the story a jolt of ignition. The back stories on these characters add intensity and interest, and as well tie in many events that come to pass towards the end creating a well rounded story overall.  Some thrilling moments and an honest emotional side make this more than just a paranormal romance!


Margaret Faria