Fallen Redemption (The Trihune Series)


Cade has spent centuries saving and protecting humans, all for one devastating sin he committed when he was one.  He’s learned to forget, to do his duty and it is enough - until one pretty human is deposited in headquarters.  Almost dead, he quickly deposits her in his bed and calls for help.  

Emma’s life is tumbling fast.  After losing her job, an evening of forgetting through alcohol with friends turns into a night of terror.  Emma wakes only to find herself in a strange place with the man who’s image she remembers from the attack standing over her.  Terrified, yet oddly drawn to him as she heals, Emma soon realizes that more than her life has been put in danger.  Now it’s her heart that might not stand the attack.

Wow!  What a roller coaster ride of a story!   It encompasses all that is addictive in paranormal and all that is swoon-worthy in romance.  There is angst that will tear at the heart and bring tears to the eyes right along with suspense that will keep the reader turning pages.  Some of the backstory and world building are so complex as to be confusing without more understanding and that can get frustrating at times, but overall this is one to grab fast - then pray for a sequel!

Ruth Lynn Ritter