Fallen Emrys


FANTASY:  Spurned by her chosen mate, immortal dragon rider Niawen chooses a self-imposed exile in the mortal realm. When she and her dragon Seren arrive in Brynn, her otherworldly attributes soon capture the attention of a pair of brothers, Kelyn and Kenrik. In a fight to protect civilians, Niawen uses her inner light to kill those who attempt to harm Kelyn. Devastated by her actions and feeling the taint of darkness, she struggles to heal her light. When she's still unable to make peace with what she's done, Niawen flees to the only other immortal in Brynn. But everything is not as it seems. As Niawen begins to find love and acceptance, darkness threatens to destroy everything she holds dear.

Told in a deceptively simple style, “Fallen Emrys” is a riveting read that's emotionally gripping with a tight plot and highly imaginative characters. Ms. Rector shines in this irresistibly entertaining prequel to the “Chronicles of the Half-Emrys". Readers will be amazed by the intricate descriptions of emotions. Due to Niawen’s inherent empathic abilities, her interaction with mortals and immortals alike centers on her unique ability to sense and discern other people's emotions. Throughout the story Niawen has her choice of suitors. However, the many potential love interests may be overwhelming for some readers. While there is some mild language and violence, the sex is only alluded to, making this book an acceptable choice for younger readers. A story for the ages, this is a world that one will want to delve into time and time again.

Chantel Hardge