Fallen Darkness: The Trihune Series Book 2


When Lucas is sent on a mission to find the key to defeat his enemies, the last thing he expects is to meet Kate, who becomes the woman he wants more than anything. When he finds out she’s not meant to be with him, his heart breaks. The need for her is still there but he must control it. Lucas finally finds something to live for but he has to fight his need so he can win the war brewing on the streets. As they get to know one another better, he finds himself needing her more and more. Can they find a way to be together? Or are they destined to be apart for the rest of their lives?

Lucas is one of those characters a reader can’t help but feel for despite his determination to destroy himself. Sexy as sin and very broken, every woman will want to help him. The glossary at the beginning of the book is great for knowing the terms used in the book. The story is action packed, well developed and flows well with fantastic description which puts the reader in the heart of the action. Sizzling sex scenes between Lucas and Kate are red hot with a good amount of description. R.B. Austin has certainly written a fantastic book and, as the second in a series, will have readers clamoring to read book one! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick