Fallen (Claimed Book Two)

Andrea R.

There is a crystal that all supernaturals crave — it allows weres to shift at will, and gives vamps ultimate power over the weres.  It has attached itself to bounty hunter Adeline and it has stymied her succubus powers. Finding out how to remove it is paramount, as becoming human isn’t an option for her. If she can bring in a large enough bounty, it will give her funds to pay for the answers she needs in order to remove the stone. When she feels desire for the first time her feelings are in turmoil and she is at the mercy of her prey. 


Jack is a doppelgänger with a bounty on his head, not to mention the vamps and weres after him to use his talents to locate the crystal they are all looking for. He just wants to be left alone, but after meeting up with Adeline, feelings are beginning to blossom and that’s not a good thing, is it? Jack will take on a voodoo queen alone, and prove that sacrifice is the biggest love of all. 


Vampires, weres, succubus, dragons, trolls and doppelgängers…OH MY! Ms. Cooper has taken on a plethora of creatures. Sadly, there are too many to keep track of, and the story would have benefitted from reducing the numbers. There is a lack of emotional depth to the characters so one isn’t as invested as one should be. What the story lacks in emotional depth, however, is made up for with its wonderful descriptive passages. Less focus on the number of creatures, and more focus on the emotional aspect of the characters would make this a stellar tale!


Lynne Bryant