Fallen Ashes


Fallen has spent her life in hiding and on the run.  Now she finds herself locked in a cell with a very real danger of death if anyone discovers she is truly the last of the dragon shifter race.  The only chance of escape, however, is to use her fire-breathing abilities, something that will definitely tell the world she exists.  To make matters worse, if she doesn’t find her life-mate within the next four weeks, the entire world will be destroyed.


Saber knows he’s evil, knows he was created for one purpose only - to be an assassin.  So, why has he been bound to the beautiful blonde with a serious fire addiction and a nasty attitude?  Somehow, she must be the means for him to reclaim salvation... if only he knew how. And, if only they can both rise above the darkness to see what is truly light.

As a continuing part of the “Fated and Forbidden” Series, this story does a commendable job of standing on its own while encouraging the reader to discover more! The world is well-developed and the characters well-defined.  Saber and Fallen have a believable love/hate relationship that could have been given a bit more time for depth and understanding, as the adventure and excitement keep their relationship on the surface.  Still, that adventure is fast-paced and keeps the heart thumping! The story is unique, creative and pulls the reader into their world with ease, and gives one a fabulous ending while allowing for more to come! 


Ruth Lynn Ritter