The Falcon and the Wolf


For hundreds of years, an ancient prophesy has lain dormant - waiting for the time when devilish dragons will once again be released and the world will be be conquered.  Two families, stemming from one but long since divided, are at the root of the prophesy.  Stefanie, of the house of Falcon, is her kingdom's princess but her need to prove herself has led her to a battle she cannot win.  Captured and made a slave by the house of Wolf, she is given to Grayson, their prince, to do with as he pleases.  Grayson, long an opponent of slavery, tries to make Stefanie's life as easy as possible under the circumstances but a spirit as alive and defiant as hers cannot be tamed.  None have ever caught his interest or fired his ire as does Stefanie.  But, how to show her she can be happy when evil is rising even as he tries.   Soon, each will either have to trust each other or succumb to the forces that struggle to overpower their very lives.
This story shoots off like a bullet and doesn’t slow down until the last page is turned!  Ms. Anderson’s writing captures the reader immediately and the action, sexual sparring and intrigue keep one entranced!  Parts of the storyline were a little too generic and the villains came off as rather cartoonish but for pure fun and pleasure, mixed with a yummy, exciting love story, this one can’t be beat!
TJ Mackay