Faebourne: A Regency Romance

M Pepper

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  In Regency England, stable and sedate Duncan Oliver is known to be a most unremarkable man in London, certainly no one’s idea of a hero. All of that changes when he is kidnapped by the eccentric Milne brothers and taken to the mysterious and hard to find mansion known as Faebourne. There, Duncan discovers that he has been chosen as champion to free the lovely Adelia Milne from her unfortunate curse. But is he up to the task? And is he brave enough to fall in love?

Meanwhile, back in London, Duncan’s best friend George forms an unlikely alliance with Duncan’s loyal valet, Davies. Determined to rescue Duncan, they set out on a quest to find Faebourne. But when their partnership begins to turn into something more, they find themselves at a cross-roads: can they defy societal norms to find happiness? Or are they, too, cursed?

“Faebourne” is the complete fairy tale package: fun and romantic with a hearty dose of magic and mischief. Ms. Langlinais’s elegant and witty prose is reason enough to read this novel, but what’s really impressive is how she works the magic within the boundaries of Regency England. It’s chockfull of likeable characters – both couples have good chemistry and are easy to cheer for – and magical challenges make for a fun read. The plot wears a little thin in some places, but over all this is a fun book, accented with tongue-in-cheek narration. Anyone looking for a break from reality is sure to find this a real pleasure!

Janice Martin