Eye of the Eagle (Hotel LaBelle #3)


Phoebe Wagner has a new job as the Under Secretary for a relatively obscure division known as the Anomaly Defense Division. Although highly qualified and well educated, she is feeling out of her depth, as the purpose of this particular department is secretive and mysterious — and the head of the division, Bert Blackfeather, is equally so. Their first meeting begins as a battle of wills but takes an unexpected turn when Bert learns that his young niece has disappeared.  His boss Phoebe insists on accompanying Bert to his hometown to assist in the search.  He reluctantly agrees, unaware that Phoebe has special abilities that can help him. Phoebe is in for a few surprises of her own and as they struggle to find the young girl, both Bert and Phoebe become aware that there is more magic and more danger in their relationship than either had bargained for.

“Eye of the Eagle” is an unusual and original addition to the genre.  It is based in Native American mythology that is meticulously researched and sensitively written.  Phoebe and Bert learn of the other’s talents as a natural progression throughout the well-written story.  All of the characters populating the story are well rounded, drawing the reader into the action.  The sexual tension that builds between Bert and Phoebe progresses organically and adds layered nuances to the narrative.  A proper mystery from beginning to end, “Eye of the Eagle” is a pleasure to read!

Gwenellen Tarbet