Exile in Darkness


Isabella Pethany has long known that her lack of magical ability has been a disappointment to her family.  However, when Isabella overhears her mother and grandmother wish that she had died instead of her older sister, the weight of their disappointment sends her seeking refuge in a back alley bar.  Unfortunately, the bar she stumbles into is owned by Maldit, Lord Vampire of London, who has a “no witches allowed” policy.  After tossing her out of his bar, Maldit then must rescue Isabella from a pack of hungry young vampires. Something about Isabella calls to Maldit and he can’t leave her alone. As Isabella's family increases their pressure for her to mate with an insane and dangerous sorcerer, old secrets are revealed and Maldit and Isabella find themselves drawn together both in their quest for answers and their growing feelings for one another.

Exceptionally well written, this complex and compelling story draws readers in immediately.  While Isabella is naive and optimistic about her family, she is surrounded by a circle of friends who are both supportive and honest. It is both frustrating and rewarding to watch her grow from a sheltered trust-fund girl to a woman learning her own power. Maldit is complicated and flawed, but a hero in every sense of the word. The only flaw in this story is the ending that raises more questions than it answers, making this book feel like the first installment in what promises to be a complex and wonderful series.  Readers will be clamoring for the next installment! 

Elissa Blabac