Evie’s Knight

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Meet Evie -  eighteen, burdened with her mother’s abandonment, beautiful…and fascinated with Calvin Knight.  Now meet Calvin - strong, brave, handsome…and plagued with a terrible curse that endangers the girl he would come to love.
Evie and Calvin fall in love the way the sun sets. It is slow, beautiful, natural and inevitable. The moment they meet and started talking about art, families, wounds, hopes and dreams, something fits. This only becomes more pronounced as time goes on. And while Evie’s problems are mostly limited to the emotional backlash of her mother’s actions, Calvin’s might be a little more external. As in, a homicidal spirit that’s been torturing his family for generations and superpowers he’s supposed to beat her with. Yeah, not all fun and games. The sun sets… now it’s time for war.
If this book was a painting, it would be the unusual but beautiful one you’d want in your room to brighten up your day!  Evie and Calvin are so very likable, they could almost be imagined as friends, and yet they (very narrowly!) escape being too perfect.  Their love, although a bit too serious for their age, was nevertheless drawn in a clear arc for a reader to see and enjoy. The shift from pure romance to the suspense and paranormalcy was also very well done. There were a few questionable choices by the main characters at the end, and the feeling of something unfinished concerning Evie and her mother. However, one should also consider that through the gift of an artist, the sunrise is exquisitely sweet, as well, especially after the darkness of the night!
Mimi Smith