Everything I Understand – City Mysteries Book 1


Annie Campbell and her friends find themselves pulled into a murder case when Professor of Religion Christa Thompson is found dead and all the little secrets she had begin to crawl out of the woodwork. Set at the University of New York, "Everything I Understand" takes the reader to Paris and New Orleans to discover the truth about the late Professor. As Annie and her friends work through the information, they realize there was a lot hidden about their professor and everything is not as it seems. 


Lux Cunningham has written a thought-provoking book, with twists, turns and great characters. The pace is even, although there is a lot of advanced language and repetitive descriptions of places and other aspects which did not really further the story in any way. Granted, there are a lot of philosophical aspects to this book and readers of academic romance will enjoy it. Told in the first person point of view from Annie's perspective, the reader is taken through the book in a very personal way. The author knows these characters inside out and describes them well. The book is set in some of the most spectacular landscapes and it is a very well written whodunit. Recommended!


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick