Ever as Before (Mystic Shadows Book 7)


It’s been sixteen years since Dr. Maria Cordova lost her true love in a tragic accident.  All her magic couldn’t bring her the closure she needed to move on, and now with unknown magical threats looming, facing the unknown has never felt so ominous. Maria fears she won’t be able to keep herself or her growing family safe, and all the signs seem to be hinting at disaster. When a literal face from the past returns, it is unclear if he will be a help or a hindrance. Only time will tell, and time is one thing that they don’t seem to have.  A darkness is coming, and it will wait for no one. 

This paranormal adventure set in modern day America has a plethora of magical components and incorporates creatures that are not routinely featured, especially all in one place.  The reader definitely climbs a steep learning curve if they are reading this without previous knowledge of the Cordova family and their magical history, and that hinders the ability to immerse fully into the story.  Many elements layered throughout the story do eventually fold together to provide a satisfactory storyline, although so many magical details leave the character growth and relationships to take a back seat.  Perhaps this would be less noticeable if the reader is already familiar with this series, and all the Cordova family has been through.  Had more back story been included, this tale is unique enough to potentially be a five-star read.

Melanie Newton