Eternal Nights (Sekhmet's Guardians #2)


Raphael is one of the Guardians, an immortal forced to battle for the sake of humanity. It’s a worthy fate, but a lonely one, too. And then came the dreams…


Jessica has been trapped in a body of a wolf her entire life. Seeing Raphael just makes it worse, because she falls in love with him. She comes to him in the only way she can-in his sleep, where they dream together of passion and love, and as his faithful companion, the wolf, during the day.


It’s a brave new world out there, everyone! V.S. Nelson crafts legends, species and a powerful struggle of good vs. evil! In order to be truly THE book to read, however, some things will have to be tightened up.  The editing is not nearly up to par, which can be an irritant. The many details of the world take some time to grasp (perhaps a glossary?). Then there’s the sheer volume of characters, POVs and events taking place in this book - it’s simply too much! The direction of the plot gets lost in all the distractions. Because of this, readers get to see very little of Jessica and Raphael (which might not be all bad since she is a wolf throughout most of the book.) Much of what is written simply serves to slow the plot down. Underneath all unnecessary information, it’s very clear the author has an intriguing story to tell, and very interesting, dear characters to bring to a HEA. If it were just edited down, their fine stories really could be extraordinary!


Mimi Smith