Eternal Lovers (Sekhmet's Guardians #1)


Jennifer grew up knowing life isn’t easy.  Given to her grandparents to raise as a young girl, and exhibiting strange talents others didn’t understand, she learned quickly to adapt and endure.  Never has that ability been more needed than when married life proves to be so much less than she has hoped. Confused, Jennifer decides to visit her best friend, who is also married, to get some perspective and time to evaluate her life.


Things take a decidedly dangerous but delicious turn when Gabriel, a huge hunking immortal, walks  into her life.  As all she believes falls apart and a whole new existence opens up, Jenn must decide whether to stay with the mundane and secure or take a risk with the unknown and infinitely more frightening life Gabriel and his friends represent.


This story is a most intriguing and creative twist on the paranormal genre!  It takes a native American/selkie, pairs her with an immortal vampire/guardian and does it with skill and aplomb.  Both Jenn and Gabe’s characters are incredibly interesting and surprisingly believable.  In fact, the only real problem with the book is in the excess.  This would be a rousing 5 star read if it had been edited down a hundred pages or so.  As it is, the readers must drudge through a myriad of needless  and often repeated explanations, tangents on characters that have little to do with the main storyline, sudden tense changes and way too much telling rather than experiencing.  Still the bones are exceptional and, if one can skim well, the basics are wonderful!


Ruth Lynn Ritter