Erasing: Shadows (Erasing #1)


NEW ADULT:  When Mira Ross sees her three year-old son vanish into thin air, she and her husband Michael are forced to reactivate their gang of friends to chase their son into a place where reality is defined by the state of the person’s mind. Trouble builds as old traumas are revived and Mira regresses to her younger state. The High Five gang rallies to help but teenage hormones set in and time is running out. They are aided by the mysterious Ada, but what secrets will Mira and Michael uncover in their own family as the adventure continues?


Here is a new spin on psychological sci-fi. Set in a world where minds and even bodies can cross into a mental reality, “Erasing: Shadows” is a fast paced blend of adventure and renewing friendships. The pace prevents world building before the action starts which can be confusing and since most of the characters are mostly middle-aged adults forced back into their teenage states, this is less of a YA read than reminiscence for adults. Still, the writing is good as Mira is forced to “grow up” all over again. Michael’s conflicted feelings as the love of his life must get to know him all over again, combined with the competition he feels with another friend also adds to the story. However, it is the other generations of Ross’ which propel the story, making readers yearn to continue as to read of the Ross’ daughter exploring in the sequel.


Sarah E Bradley