Entity Mine (The Chimera Chronicles #2)


Medium Devon Daughtry is moving into a house where the previous occupant has simply vanished. Ethan, the previous occupant, believes he is a ghost, but has learned he can leave the house at will. Devon’s best friend Beth is living in a house that has a dark force living in it. She asks for Devon’s help and the evil force follows Devon home. Devon falls for Ethan when she sees a picture of him.  Ethan falls for Devon, too. Soon their dreams are filled with one another and they are in love. Ethan at last materializes with the help of his brothers. Devon realizes that the two of them can have a future together if they can conquer this evil force that has now taken possession of Beth.


This is a delightfully unique book about body shifters, where the characters can change into several entities. All three of the main characters, Devon, Ethan, and Beth are well rounded with a lot of depth. Ethan’s brothers are also three dimensional. What spoils the story is the missing and extra words sprinkled throughout the novel. It is also not believable that a medium should happen to move into the house where Ethan is a “spirit”. It would have been more believable if a friend had moved there and asked for Devon’s help. This is a beautiful story that has an exceptional ending; it works well as a stand-alone although it is part of a series.


Belinda Wilson