Endless Love


Life has not turned out the way Rose Loxton had hoped. At forty, she expected to have a prestigious position at a university doing scientific research and maybe having made some great discovery. She didn’t think her marriage would be on the brink of divorce or that her relationship with her daughter would be a distant one. Having given up her dreams to support her husband’s, Rose has finally decided to do something for herself. After she’s attacked and nearly stabbed in the city, she moves to the country to work on her book. However, the house she rents has a ghost haunting it, and the scientific Rose finds herself pondering both life and the paranormal as she works to uncover the true story behind the suicide of the young groom.


A paranormal ghost story meshed with a midlife crisis, “Endless Love” focuses on Rose as she examines her life and what she wanted and now wants, as well as the mystery surrounding the death of a young servant back in 1908. The history behind the ghost story itself is quite interesting. Rose's section, about her journey of self-discovery tends to slow the book down. In terms of romance, readers who prefer paranormal stories will enjoy this one as the romance is actually very light and mentioned only briefly a few times. “Endless Love” does a fantastic job of giving life to a ghost.


Sarah E. Bradley