End of the Road

Karen Michelle

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Cecilia Gunner finds her father's journal, and after reading it, she is able to see him. There is just one problem with that — her father is dead, killed twenty-three years before. Lars Gunner is convinced he was murdered, despite his death being ruled accidental. His spirit has been trapped in his journal, and now that his daughter has freed him, he finally has his chance to learn the truth about what happened to him. Cecilia enlists the help of a psychic named Kaleb to help her. When they start to look into her dad's death, they unearth some very disturbing secrets, and could even be in danger themselves. 

A very heart-warming and emotional story, "End of the Road", will tug at readers' heartstrings. It is an unusual story; the plot is unique, with well-written and dynamic characters. The characters are diverse and their personalities work well together, making for a great story. Karen Michelle Nutt has written a book filled with emotion, and there are times when the story will bring several tears to the eye, a mix of sadness, happiness and loss. It is rare to find a book that can stir up so many feelings. “End of The Road” does just that.  A perfect read for sitting in front of the fire on a snowy night with a cup of hot chocolate.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick