Electricity (Haunted Voices)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Mercedes Donahue has heard everything when it comes to being a female electrician. When her marriage ends, she moves back to her hometown in New England. She becomes part of an all-male electrician's company, where she has to fight for respect. Mercedes wants to stabilize things for her teenage son as he took the divorce hard. Daniel Gallagher was heartbroken when his fiancée died. He is determined not to get involved with anyone else — until he meets Mercedes. While at an abandoned asylum, Mercy and Daniel realize that the building is very haunted. Will they figure out what’s going on and give into their feelings?

"Electricity" is a beautifully written book with a sweet, modern romance. As paranormal romances go, there could have been more of those aspects added in, as there seemed to be a lot of the story focused on the romance. The characters are dynamic and the plot moves at a leisurely pace making this an ideal read for the daily commute. There are real life issues addressed in this book, giving it a sense of realism that many readers will be able to relate to. Claire Gem handles these issues expertly and really throws everything out from the page. She is certainly an author to read again and keep an eye on. Another excellent one to add to the reading list with a sweet romance and a bit of haunting thrown in. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick