Julie A.

Given over to the modern world by her birth parents, the King and Queen of Rastehm, Elanesse knows nothing of her true identity or her magic abilities that had her banished.  A demon comes to steal the key that she has unknowingly kept hidden and unleash death and despair upon both Elanesse's new world and the ancient world that she came from.  With the help of Faren, the First Knight that she has seen in visions and a myriad host of other ragtag warriors, Elanesse must first accept her lot in life and then defeat the powerful creature who feeds off the blood and flesh of the innocent. If they fail, both the modern world and the ancient Rastehm will fall to evil.

Talk about an original story...”Elanesse” is a cover-to-cover riveting tale of magic and mayhem, good and evil, love and hate!  Add in a chivalrous knight (or two), a fated love affair and a couple of trustworthy new friends, and you have the makings of a truly compelling romantic fantasy.  There was a lot going on in this book, and at times it was too much for the length.  A deeper connection with Elanesse and Faren was hard to establish amid the chaos of their quest, and had they each had more down time for reflection, this could easily have been a five star book. For readers who enjoy the journey as well as the romance, or if you're looking for an exciting new fantasy with a truly explosive conclusion, "Elanesse" fits the bill nicely!

Nicole Duke