Echo Prophecy (Echo Trilogy #1)


Alexandra (Lex) Larson is an archaeology grad student at the University of Washington.  When her skills in translating Egyptian languages land her a spot on an excavation team headed to Egypt, she is thrilled.  After meeting the excavation director, sexy Marcus Bahur, she is even more so.  But just as everything is falling into place, Lex’s life begins to fall apart.  She discovers the man she always believed to be her father is not.  She begins experiencing prophetic dreams and becomes the victim of a nasty assault.  Finally, she learns the truth about herself.  She is a Nejeret – descended from Egyptian gods with the ability to view past and future events.  Marcus is also Nejeret, and he needs her to fulfill an ancient prophecy.  Too bad prophecies are never easy, and to unravel this one, Lex will have to go up against her true father – one of the most powerful Egyptian gods in history.  


What a superb novel!  Lex is a strong female lead who does not give an inch to her deliciously seductive, alpha male lover, Marcus.  They do not immediately jump into bed, and the slow build of sexual tension is sensual, steamy, and all the more satisfying for the anticipation.  Writing about people who have been alive for thousands of years is a neat way to present a historical and have it set in modern times.  After the excellent build-up, readers may feel somewhat cheated by the skimpy final scene, but as this is the first book in a planned trilogy, there should be more action and mystery to come!


Leslie Stokes