Echo Falls


Emily Dawson has been ripped from the only life she has ever known to be thrown into a country existence she swears she will never conform to. She loses her boyfriend and best friends all in a single swoop but then finds a new one, who proves to be better than any friend she has ever had. Then she finds a strange pendant. When she begins to dream of a boy that takes her breath away she realizes she wants him more than she has ever wanted anything. Even though he comes from a different time she isn’t willing to give up on him. When he comes to life, she refuses to lose him and is willing to fight an evil she can’t see to do just that.


DJ Larkin has created a story that has intriguing characters and a plot that twists and turns at every flip of the page! The story is unique and is showcased by the intricately woven words that keep a reader coming back for more. The struggle between good and evil is as old as Adam and Eve but the struggle experienced in “Echo Falls” is thought provoking and ultimately has a reader choosing sides. Sometimes they say blood is thicker than water but blood isn’t always the better choice. Although it heralds as a young adult novel, there is a little bit of everything in “Echo Falls” that will entertain and enlighten any age group. 

Mary-Nancy Smith