Eban (The Heckmasters #2)


Eban is the Heckmaster brother who is reluctantly in the town of Berner to help his other siblings. They are charged with keeping the demons in Hell and not allowing them to come through the portal in Berner. The problem is, the seals on the portal are getting weaker and the brothers need to find a way to permanently close the portal. Also in Eban’s life is sweet Beryl. She comes to Berner half dead and through his doctoring skills, Eban saves her life. She falls in love with him, but he doesn’t reciprocate her love because Beryl is possessed by the demon Rosemar.  Eban’s personal quest is to rid Beryl of Rosemar so that they can have a future together.


The story is complicated and has some interesting twists to the storyline. Each of the brothers is well defined with their own quirks and pasts that make the novel enticing in which to delve. What detracts from the tale are the extra words in sentences, which slows the flow of the work. The battle scenes with the demons are repetitive and do little to help with the progression of the storyline. This is a beautiful love story that incorporates the battle of good versus evil, as well as that of self-sacrifice for the one whom one loves. Although it is book two of a series, it works well as a stand-alone novel.


Belinda Wilson