Ally Reynolds is a vet specializing in raptors. She also has some interesting healing powers, but is unaware of their origins.  Matthew Blake is a demon hunter who recognizes some skills in Ally, so he arranges for her to consult on a raptor case in New York. He wants to determine if his assumptions are correct, and she is like him.   Demons are interested in using Ally for her healing powers, and Matthew wants to keep that from happening.   Matthew ends up explaining things that Ally isn’t ready to hear, and she bolts.  From this point on, the tension ramps up.

This story has an original premise that is presented in a creative manner.  The pacing is fairly even and the motivations for each protagonist are delineated, with the exception that it’s not clear why Matt pulls back from Ally so often during the first half of the book, and then later, why he suddenly changes his mind.   There are multiple bit-players within the story, and some unanswered questions that might leave a reader to wonder. Nevertheless, the story is engaging and captivates the reader.  The gleaned background information relates beautifully to the story, and events in Ally’s life from two decades earlier are also tied in creatively.  Additionally, there is a life lesson about marrying for the wrong reasons, and the emotional price required.  

Carey Sullivan