Earth’s Requiem (Earth Reclaimed #1)


Since the Surge that released the dark gods three years ago Aislinn Lenear has lost everyone and everything she’s ever cared about. Forced to choose between using her magic to fight the dark gods for the Lemurians (the Old Ones) or die, she chooses to live, fight the dark gods and figure out a way to someday defeat the Old Ones and their hold on humans. Seemingly impossible tasks, until the day she is bonded to a wolf and then stumbles upon her destined mate, Fionn MacCumhaill. Even though Aislinn doesn’t want to care about another being for fear of losing them, suddenly the fight doesn’t seem so impossible if only she can loosen the hold she has placed on her heart.


The desolation of Earth is richly detailed in Aislinn’s narrative. The bleakness, hopelessness and helplessness are so keenly felt one wonders how she can go on. Despite the things that have happened, though, Aislinn has such a strong will to live that it reaches out and grabs the reader, pulling one right along as she struggles to do what is required of her and still keep her humanity. The world of magic and mythology come to life and the mysterious plans of the dark gods and the Old Ones as well as the prophecies are so fascinating it’s easy to lose oneself in the story and forget everything in the real world. In spite of a bit of world-building confusion at the beginning this tale is a hit right out of the park!


Carol Conley