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SCI-FI:  March, the owner of a special edition android, turned husband, embarks on a cruise with him and two other androids who are on the run from their creators. Joined by Daniel and Monica, the foursome enjoys their travels until a cruise member mysteriously dies. Suspicion falls within their group that one of them may be involved with the death.

Edith Weller, “Edy”, is a journalist who lands a life in the posh Silver Sands of Miami. Living with her adopted grandmother, Ooma Lovee, and adopted daughter, Sunny. Edy is experiencing a dream life until the double murder of the wealthiest penthouse owners. Edy and the other residents of the Silver Sands must provide information to the police as to the goings on of the uber rich.

Sydney Revere grew up in the shadow of movie-star parents in Hollywood, an environment where “acting out” is expected. Sydney did just that, earning the nickname of “Wild Child” from the media. It all came to an end when Sydney was tired of the tinsel and ran off to become a completely different person. For ten years she’s been a boring, mouse-brown-haired attorney.

Attorney Rachel Moss is tough on the outside but tender within. A year ago, her life began to unravel. She never thought she’d have to defend her own parents, who were caught in a money-laundering operation. When her ex-boyfriend Corey resorted to suicide because he couldn’t live without her, Rachel’s strong base crumbled.

Rhys Armistead never expects to rise above his station as a stable groom, a job he loves. When a distant cousin selects Rhys as next in line for Earl of Sheffington, he is shocked and in total disbelief. He’s on the Continent fighting when he’s notified the time has come, and he must assume the title of Earl. When he meets widow Dalinda Baker by chance, the wheels of fate begin to turn.