Earth’s Blood (Earth Reclaimed, #2)


Picking up where "Earths Requiem" leaves off, Fionn and Aislinn are separated while traveling through the portals. In order to put their plan to reclaim Earth from the invaders into action, Fionn must first find her and Aislinn must escape imprisonment by the Lemurians. The remaining denizens on Earth are far from being declared the victors and more battles need to be fought in order to win the war. Can straggling bands of humans, a handful of Celtic gods, animal bondmates and a dragon defeat the untold numbers of Lemurians and the dark gods? The answer is unknown, but time is running out.


While reading Book One in the “Earth Reclaimed” series isnt absolutely necessary, it is highly recommended in order to experience this book to the fullest. Aislinn and Fionns relationship broadens and deepens, but their sexual exploits, while extremely steamy, tend to overwhelm the story of how to reclaim Earth, reducing it almost to an afterthought while they uncontrollably shag themselves senseless. The world building also suffers with few layers added from Book One. However, the characters are given more depth, a border world is introduced and a few surprise characters are a very welcome addition. The action, when presented, is worthy of a world struggling against domination and the use of magic is exciting. With more attention paid to the actual battles and less on Aislinn & Fionns bedroom antics this story would be out of this world!


Carol Conley