Druid Warrior’s Heart: Celtic Stewards Chronicles 2

Juli D.

HISTORICAL:  Steward Ruth Macken awaits the arrival of the warrior sworn to the Celtic Gods served and worshipped by her family for time immemorial.  When the warrior arrives, it will spell the beginning of a huge battle between druids and an enemy who will decide the fate of the world. Ready to fight for the cause, Issac Connel knows what he has to do and intends to die for the cause if need be. When he sees Ruth, he is immediately captivated and cannot get her out of his mind. With this burning need to protect her, can he still do that and win the battle?

"Druid Warrior's Heart" is a  gripping historical romance featuring a hot soldier hero and a beautiful heroine with an important destiny. While she is strong enough to take care of herself, Issac cannot quash his need to protect her and keep her safe. A nice personal touch was Ruth’s diary - her personal thoughts provided great insight into her character and was a lovely touch. It’s nice to see how Ruth and Issac's feelings develop along with their mission. Juli D. Revezzo has written a magical love story to take the reader on a Celtic wild ride! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick