Dreamed It (A Dream Walker Mystery)


Baxley Powell — landscaper, pet sitter, and psychic consultant extraordinaire, woke up covered in blood.  Her boyfriend, Sam Mayes is next to her; he too is covered in blood, and neither of them remembers how it happened.  Baxley believes her spirit guide Rose may have shanghaied her. However, before they can make heads or tails of their predicament, they are called to a particularly grisly crime scene. The body in a suitcase has all the markings of a serial killer. Baxley must use her gift as a dream walker and solve the case before someone else falls victim — not an easy task when dealing with a belligerent spirit guide who has other plans for her.

“Dreamed It” is a stand-alone novel, and although it is part of a series it is not necessary to read the other novels to thoroughly enjoy this presentation.  While not necessary, it would be beneficial since no backstory is given in this installment. Ms. Toussaint weaves two mysteries together, and does a fine job whetting the reader's appetite, cleverly leaving clues along the way. She takes the reader through the process of investigating a serial killer, spicing up the journey with delightful and sometimes harrowing glimpses across the vale. Her ancillary characters are diverse: a ghostly Great Dane, an impudent spirit guide, a mysterious murdered soul, and heroic sheriff’s deputy boyfriend. There is a question or two that is not quite answered, leaving the reader with questions. While the dialogue plods along at times, Ms. Toussaint does a fine job escorting the reader into the rich dreamscape between life and the life after.

“Dreamed It” is a fun read, and will no doubt be a fan favorite, generating enthusiasm for other Dream Walker Mysteries!

Kimberly Gunvaldson