Dream Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 1)

Brenda Trim,
Tami Julka

Plagued nightly with visions, Elsie Hayes is simply trying to keep her head above water following her husband’s brutal murder. Vowing to gain retribution she joins the vigilante vampire-slaying group SOVA. When a chance meeting with a devilishly handsome man rocks her foundation, she finds herself questioning her long-ago spoken vows.

King of vampires Zander Tarakesh and his brotherhood of protectors must keep the fragile and unsuspecting humans safe from the warfare of demons and the Tehrex Realm. When his path abruptly crosses with his human Fated Mate, he finds himself torn and in a new battle he never expected – fighting a dead man for Elsie’s heart, devotion, and affection. 

Readers will want a cool drink of water handy for this hot, hot, HOT read! From the get go, readers are sucked into a hybrid world in which vampires, shifters, and sorcerers take on the leading roles. Unfortunately, cult followers of other popular, well-known paranormal series may experience an overwhelming sense of déjà vu: a vampire king and his human/vampire mate, a group of alpha blooded warrior’s that fight evil black-blooded creatures, as well as similar characterizations and plot dynamics. However, both types of readers will enjoy the persistent romancing ways of Zander and his tireless pursuit of Elsie, although some may become weary with her consistent denial to love anyone but her late husband. Readers will find their next sexy and guilty pleasure within the pages of this steamy novel!

Stephanie Lodes