Dream Student (Dreams #1)


Sara can’t figure out what’s happening.  When she falls asleep, she starts watching other people’s dreams.  One horrifying dream keeps repeating itself – a man is on a killing rampage, and Sara has a front row seat as she watches him abduct, attack, and kill his helpless victims. And then there’s the boy she sees – she’s watching his dream, and she knows he likes her, but will she do anything about it?  Soon, she finds herself falling in love,  but even love can't stop the dreams.  Sara’s friends try to help her, supporting, encouraging, but Sara can’t figure out what to do.  There's just one thing she knows for sure: she needs to help find the killer and the key to that lies in her dreams...

"Dream Student" is a roller coaster story of a killer on the loose, with Sara trying desperately to use her dream powers to figure out who he is so he won’t kill again.  The plot will keep readers on the edge of their seats, although the constant dialog among the characters is distracting. There are a lot of characters and side stories, with little depth, which also detracts from the main thread.  Will Sara figure out the identity of the murderer?  Can she figure out where he lives and who his victims are?  The serpentine plot does not disappoint, and Sara uses her powers for good and finds true love in her dreams as well.


Victoria Z. Burg