Dream Reunion (Dreams #6)


In this sixth installment of the Dream Series, readers will follow Sarah as she traverses the troubles of everyday life. Married to a wonderful husband and mother to five rambunctious children, as well as running her own medical practice, leaves her hands quite full. Her upcoming ten-year college reunion just adds to the busy cyclone that is her life. Just when Sarah feels she has gotten a handle on things and begins to get comfortable she finds herself landing in dreams again and in a race against time to prevent someone from committing a horrible crime, all while keeping her ability secret from others and keeping her family life and career from becoming entangled in the mess her ability brings forward. 

Fans of Mr. DiBenedetto’s Dream Series will enjoy this read and catching up with Sarah, Brian and other characters from the previous novels. Mr. DiBenedetto weaves the daily grind and Sarah's life perfectly with the paranormal adventure her ability brings to her world, writing a well-balanced and realistic story. Readers will find themselves eagerly reading through each beautifully written page as Sarah tries to decipher who and what she is seeing in her dreams and how or if she should intervene. 

Molly S. Daniels