Dream Family (Dreams #4)


After years of handling her dream-walking talent (and weathering many traumas because of it) Sara feels confident in her strength. Especially since she has so many loved ones to stand with her. But when she is arrested on false charges, her life turns upside down. The big problem isn't proving her innocence, its life after prison. Sara falls apart and is unsure how to pick up the pieces and be herself again. Will she even be able to do it?

This is the fourth installment of the Dreamseries and while it can be read as a standalone, reading the books in order is necessary to completely understand the relationships of all the characters. Picking up this book, people might expect to find just another mystery, but what awaits them is a unique surprise a close look up at the mental and emotional journey one that has suffered through a trauma has to take. Its something completely different, ergo something not to be missed! Because of the importance of Saras psyche throughout the book, its significant to note that the most problematic section is Saras time in prison, because its the pivot point, and a reader might not find the transition from Normal-Sara to Broken-Sara entirely satisfying. Perhaps more attention could have been paid to it? Also, the pace is a bit slow, because much of the action takes place in Saras thoughts and memories as she recovers. All in all, this thought provoking, yet still hopeful novel makes for a great addition to the series!   

Mimi Smith