Dream Eater

K. Bird

Koi Pierce is attempting to come out of her shell. After years of avoiding people and the inevitable skin to skin contact that gives her flashes of their intense dreams, Koi is determined to finish her degree at Portland Community College and get a life. Unfortunately, her younger sister needs help, as their father’s Alzheimer’s continues to deteriorate his mind and in the middle of caring for her father, Koi attracts the attention of a professor with disturbing dreams, and a handsome stranger with the same rare Northern Japanese dialect as her father. Can Koi come to terms with her abilities or will her continual denial leave her at the mercy of the Kind and all those who would threaten her family?

An urban paranormal tale with a mixture of native mythologies, “Dream Eater” is the first in the “A Portland Hafu” series and a new twist in a genre full of vampires and werewolves. Focusing on the Japanese myths, Koi is a half Baku or dream eater, and as such provides plenty of emotion, and drama all on her own. The story is full of action, as the author builds up this new world and keeps Koi and the reader guessing. Although the pace isn’t always steady, and romance and ending feels rushed, and the motives of the professor are never really clarified, there are plenty of interesting moments to set this series up as one worth keeping an eye on. 

Sarah E Bradley