Dream Doctor


PARANORMAL:  Sara has a strange gift - or maybe it's a curse. She has the ability to see the dreams of people around her. She knows their secrets, their hopes, fantasies, ambitions...and plots for murder. . In addition to drowning in the overwhelming course load of first year medical school and adjusting to married life, Sara has to find the time and strength to use her gift for good, help a struggling friend and save a few lives.  She discovers someone is trying to kill one of her professors. Its up to her to figure out who so they can be stopped in time!

The concept for this series is great. Sara uses her abilities to stop murders and help people in need. Unfortunately, while the idea is captivating, the execution needs some work. There are long series of choppy scenes that do nothing to propel the plot forward, and are little more than a play-by-play of Sara's routine day in lectures and class. These sections, especially when most of the scene is simply recapped and not even developed, makes what could be a suspenseful mystery drag slowly along. The majority of the story is written as if Sara is the author, but the dreams are written by some unknown third party, this third person shift is jarring. Around two-thirds of the way through the book, the pace finally picks up and the remainder of the book is a good read. Too much time is spent in the mundane to really make this book a page-turner, but the original plot is great and gives this mystery a new flair.


Stephenia McGee