Dragonslayer, Dragon Light (Dragons Hearts 2)


After feeling the ghost of a sensual kiss on his cheek, Ty Cameron, a.k.a. Perseus of Rhodes, sets off on a mission to slay his Omega – the dragon who is the keeper of his soul. Originally, Lia had intended to take a short vacation, but when a dragonslayer sinks his axes into her, she is forced to extend her time away from home. Then she meets a handsome stranger which increases the appeal of living among the humans. Just when her gift of insight gives her the courage to leave the man she has fallen for, she is betrayed by someone who knows who she really she is.

Lia and Ty are two strong, compelling characters readers can connect with as the couple are torn between what their lives dictate and their forbidden love. The emotional turmoil that rolls off this couple throughout the story is poignant and realistic which not only adds depth but grips readers by the heart and refuses to let go. The story starts with Lia and Ty relaying a memory of how they met which means that the events in this story actually precede the events of the first book. The world building is fascinating, with some unique elements that make this tale stand out from other dragon stories. While on the short side, this story is fast paced, captivating and full of suspenseful and well-timed events that will keep readers glued to its pages! 

E.L Hurley