Dragons Don’t Cry


Acasia isn’t  happy. Being forced to register for claiming (by a dragon no less) has a way of making one’s chances for a long and fulfilling life look not so good, especially since there are only 29 brides this claiming. But surely, she wouldn’t be chosen.  

Bastian, the said dragon, doesn’t want this claiming either. He is weary of heartbreak and loss, but the loneliness is no easier to bear.  And all because of a curse by Hera, that makes them fall in love with their claimed brides only to lose them to old age. The only salvation lies in finding their true mate, but after centuries of pain, there is little hope. But there is something different about fiery Acasia, something that makes a proud dragon hope for a different ending.

An entertaining tale of magic, mayhem and love! The sparks between Acasia and Bastian simply fly off the page! However, there are some problems.  The world building is somewhat confusing with the alternate universes, dragons, vampires, shifters and on (to top it all off) Greek gods. But the more serious problem is the romance itself – it starts out great with lots of proud posturing, stubbornness and fire, but the characters suddenly do a fast 180 and fall in love. Whoah!  How did that happen? Readers need to see enough to believe it. Even so, one closes the book having enjoyed  a light and steamy escape with a hot and brooding dragon in the leading role!

Ana Smith