Dragon Wife


The gloriously masculine presence of a dragon chieftain is memorable, indeed. But when his sexy commanding voice rumbles into Orwenna’s thoughts, it’s truly unforgettable. 


Many years have gone by since the chieftain strode into her uncle’s castle, but Orwenna has never forgotten the unique experience she shared with the leader of the dragons. Truth be told, she yearns for another encounter. Yet, it is not to be. Orwenna’s cousin is betrothed to him in exchange for protection for their kingdom, and Orwenna’s father has sentenced her to marry his first mate—a pig of a man. Well, not if Orwenna can help it. She’ll take her destiny into her own hands.


As dragon chieftain, Huroth needs to find a viable means of continuing his race. With only one female dragon able to bear children, the odds aren’t good. He’s got to find an alternative before it’s too late.  


A cinematic thrill, “Dragon Wife” is an epic adventure from beginning to end. Ms. Green’s world-building is stellar and her sweeping descriptions paint vivid canvases worthy of an exposé. Imaginative and fresh, her tale invites the reader to enter the home of the dragons and stay awhile. With bold characters, steamy romance, mystical elements, and an adventurous story line, “Dragon Wife” isn’t just a toe dipper. It requires indulgent submersion in its fantastical bubbles. Ahh!


Sofia St. Angeles