Dragon Warrior (Dragon Clan #2)


Harith has some big shoes to fill as the son of his dragon clan’s chieftain. He has been destined to marry the equally powerful princess Ayelet since he was a young boy, and the time has finally come for them to do the deed - even if his heart isn’t in it. Nyssa is in hiding. Having fled with her mother years ago from their tyrannical dragon leader—and the very real possibility of being forced to wed and procreate against her will—Nyssa lives her life as a human, never allowing herself to take her true dragon form. Yet when Nyssa stumbles upon Harith and saves his life during an attack, can the two accept their growing connection and be together? Or will the forces beyond their control keep them apart forever? 


"Dragon Warrior" is a beautifully crafted story with lush world-building and a lovely story line. Harith and Nyssa’s romance is believable and sweet. Extraneous points of view and a rushed storyline detracted from the story’s potential, however. There were numerous characters whose perspective did not add to the overall plot, and took the reader out of the main story—Nyssa and Harith’s love and fight to happily ever after. It takes a few chapters to understand who the main players are. Readers get background on some other secondary characters that, in the grand scheme of the story, aren’t very important.  The story is a quick, entertaining read that many will be drawn into. 


Mia Francis