Dragon Rider’s Gift (A Portals of Destiny Tale)


A dragon…Kraz can hardly bear this indignity. Long ago they had trapped him, the most magnificent dragon, and left him to rot! And now this puny human thinks to leash him?! Oh, well, for the sake of the land he will bear it. But he is not theirs… They are all his.

A rider…Roark of Nedres has been preparing for the mage’s attack for fifteen years. Now he finally has an admittedly spoiled, yet ferocious dragon, he’s in the king’s guard and the danger is coming. Then he sees her… And his world changes.


A princess...Nira Meriel Estar has always had the power of foresight. But she cannot see the battle to come. All she can do is watch Roark and hope for the best.


And an evil mage bringing a battle. Who shall succeed?


What a delicious treat of fantasy and romance! One could hardly wish for a more likable, courageous couple than Nira and Roark. What really brought life to the story, though, was Kraz. He’s funny, obstinate, so perfect in his arrogance and disdain a reader has to love him.


The classic tale of good vs. evil will never truly get old, yet the entire scope of this story has been seen too many times before and lacks the touch of originality. Also, for all the talk of a great threat, when the time for battle came, it seemed almost like an afterthought. The author overwhelms readers with such amazing and approachable storytelling, those details pale in comparison to the enjoyment to be had from reading!


Mimi Smith